sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2015

rectangular soap dishes

This is my colection of  soap drain for daily use. Available in yellow, green, white, pink, black, blue and textured. Handmade and hand painted soap savers. All soap holders are glazed with lead free glaze.
Easy to use and clean.
length:13cm/ 5,12in
width:8cm/ 3,15in

Yellow soap soap dish, ceramic/ pottery. Handmade, rectangular clay soap drain. Soap saverSoap dish- Ceramic white soap dish, rectangular. Easy to use and clean. HandmadeDark green soap dish, ceramic/ pottery. Handmade, rectangular soap drain. #EtsyGiftsSoap dish ceramic, black and white soap holder. Rectangular pottery soap holder. Handmade for daily use. #EtsyGiftsSoap dish- Ceramic cream and brown soap dish- Rectangular, textured soap dish. Easy to clean. Handmade and hand painted. #EtsyGiftsSoap dish- Ceramic pink soap dish- Rectangular soap dish,bathroom decor. Hand made and hand painted soap holder. Clay soap dish. #EtsyGiftsSoap dish- Ceramic baby blue soap drain- Rectangular soap dish. Handmade ceramic/ pottery.

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